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New Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Installation of the cabinets surrounding the slide-in electric range. Corner sink base cabinet with upper blind cabinet resting on it. Space for the dishwasher at right.

Large 8 foot pantry with tall sliding pantry behind it. Cabinets over space for refrigerator.

Photo taken from breakfast room into the kitchen. Bar top and cabinets shown in front. Another photograph of the bar top cabinets facing into the kitchen.

Plumbing, dishwasher, and some upper cabinets installed. Microwave with vent and slide-in electric range installed.

Photo of the first crown mouldings installed over the range cabinets. I stained the pine mouldings in red oak then stained with colonial maple for an aged appearance and to enhance depth. The moulding over the microwave has not been done.

Close-up of the crown mouldings. Using magic markers, I hand-colored the carved arches and leaves with brown and 2 different shades of green. Then, I lightly stained over the whole strip with colonial maple.

The granite countertops arrived and were installed. I think they look better than I expected. 

Here is an overhead shot of the sink and bar peninsula. Notice the arch design in the sink matches the rest of the arches throughout the kitchen and the house. 

I wanted the granite to smoothly wrap around the stove hence the slide-in range.