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This is the Real Estate Listing Photograph taken in Spring of 2000.
This is what the house looked like when we bought it on March 28, 2001

Photograph taken on May 26, 2006 after exterior was repaired and painted.
The gable ornament on the left was reconstructed using dimensions from the one on the right.

This photograph was taken in circa 1930 showing a similar fašade as today.

This photograph was taken circa 1906. Notice the hip-style roof on the front porch compared with the porch shown above. In the middle section, the middle hip begins at the center of the middle window. In the photographs at the top of the page, the hip begins at the corner to the left of the middle window. Additionally, the twin columns appear closer together atop stone piers with different patterns and no top slab. There are also only 4 pairs of columns instead of the current 6 pairs. On the left is a window which is currently a door. The front steps in the photo above appear to be made of wood unlike the current steps made of older concrete. The roof above the middle window is completely flat. The current house's roof is slightly pitched and "teeth" are shown just underneath the roof line. It is unclear when this roof line was remodeled. The materials of this original porch roof are constructed of cedar shakes whereas the other older photo above had metal shingles which were replaced with new painted metal to match the roof on the rest of the house.

This photograph was also taken circa 1930. The barn and outhouse are behind the photographer. Notice the well house at the left which no longer exists.
Two of the three oak trees in the foreground are still standing today.

Old photo of barn that burned down a few decades ago. The foundation 
and an old combine still remain on the site as reminders of its existence.

An older photograph of William McCame & Ella Lee taken in the mid 1880's.

William McCame Worley & Ella Lee Moore Worley (Later Photograph)

The Worley Children
Lottie, Robert Jackson, Mark Watson, & Charles McCame
(This photograph was taken circa 1895 before the 5th child,
Margaret Katherine was born on Oct. 23, 1899)

Mr. Worley's obituary March 14, 1925 -- Mrs. Worley's obituary February 26, 1915