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Worley Family Genealogy

This is a compilation of information gathered about the Worley family before and after the original resident, William McCame Worley, of the home located at Worley Place who is listed below at generation level 6. 

Francis S. Worley, was born ca 1760. According to one source he was born in York Co., Pennsylvania, the son of Nathan Worley and Abigail Lott. Nathan Worley was born ca 1730 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, and Abigail ca 1735 in York Co., Pennsylvania, but this is unproven. Francis was in the Buncombe Co., North Carolina area around 1776. He was a tub maker. After the sale of his land in 1803, Francis disappears. His wife is unknown. A distant cousin Susan Reynolds, believes that this Francis married Mary Polly Brown. Mary was the daughter of Joseph Brown. This Joseph Brown left in his Will dated 1812, a rifle to his grandson Joseph. Susan states that this Francis was listed in the 1820 Tax Records for Hickman Co., Tennessee.

Francis Worley bought a tract of land through land grant (entered) June7, 1796 containing 400 acres of Sandy Mush Creek, Buncombe County, NC. He gave 50 shillings for every hundred acres. Francis Worley sold this tract of land in 1803 on Sandy Mush Creek, and we can't find him after that. 
The 1790 Census of Burke County, N.C. shows Frank Worley, 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, 2 females. 

The 1800 Census, Buncombe Co, N.C. shows Francis Worley with 1 male 26-45; 2 males 16-20; 1 male 10-16; 1 female 26-45; 1 female 10-16; 2 females under 10. 

1. -- Nathan b. ca 1730 in Lancaster Co. Penn. m. Abigail Lott b. ca 1735 in York Co. Penn.
2. -- Francis S. b. 1758 in Burke Co. d. 1823
3. -- Nathan b. 1783 in Burke Co. d. 1877 buried Eldon Henderson Cemetery, Lower Big Pine, Madison Co., NC,  m. Amanda Robinson d. 1818 (1st wife) m. Susannah King b. 1805 d. 1885 (2nd wife)
4. -- James O. b. 1800 d. 1848 m. Edith Jones b. Sept. 28, 1799
5. -- Wiley Jackson (Jack) Worley b. Oct. 5, 1826 d. Dec. 8, 1894 Buncombe Co. m. Rachel Reeves about 1851
6. -- William McCame - b. 1863 d. 1925 m. 1st Sept. 6, 1884 to Ella Lee Moore b. 1867 d. 1915, pneumonia m. 2nd Mattie Pearson
7. -- Lottie - b. 1886 d.1976 m. Oscar C. Jones.
8. -- Robert Jackson - b. 1888 d. 1968
9. -- Frank McCame. b. 1920 m. Geana Elizabeth b. 1922.
8. -- Charles McCame - b. 18XX d. 19XX
8. -- Mark Watson - b. 18XX d. 19XX
8. -- Margaret Katherine - b. Oct. 23, 1899 d. Oct. 26, 1976 m. Sept, 2, 1922 to Clarence Reese Sumner in W. Asheville Pres. Church
7. -- Mary Melinda (Linnie) Worley b. July 1, 1854 m. Wiliam (Bill) Dannah Hill Aug. 24, 1873
6. -- Albert Worley b. 1827


-- Abraham Worley b. 1828 Buncombe Co. m. Rachel Boyd 3/31/1853


Francis Worley was the father of: 

1. Nathan Worley, born 1780 - died 1870. 
2. Katherine Worley, born Oct. 25, 1781 - died 1820, m. David Miller. 
3. Joseph Worley, 1784 - 1867. 
4. Wiley Worley. 
5. others ?
There is no further information about the wife of Francis Worley.

Nathan Worley was born in Burke Co. N.C. in October 1780. We assume that he was one of the three males under the age of 16 in the household of Francis Worley. 

On May 12, 1804, Nathan purchased land from James M. Smith on Sandy Mush Creek in Buncombe Co, N.C. (Deed Bk 13, p. 348). He bought 200 acres on Sandy Mush (Book H, p. 267). He purchased 200 acres on Sandy Mush Creek on Aug. 13, 1819 (Book 12, p. 465). Madison County was formed from part of Buncombe Co, and since Nathan Worley's land was in this area, it became Madison Co, N.C. Nathan lived the rest of his life in that County, near Marshall. 

Nathan Worley was a farmer and was considered to be a man of better than average financial means. He also raised livestock in addition to Farming. On Sept. 25, 1869, a jury was appointed and sent to Nathan's home where he was living alone. The jury found that his mind was sound but his body abilities were in poor condition and Nathan could no longer care for himself. The 1870 census of Madison Co, N.C. states that Nathan Worley was living in the home of his daughter Julia Roberts and her husband, James, in Marshall. 

Julia was the daughter of Nathan and Susan King Worley. Susan King was the second wife of Nathan. The 1860 census lists Nathan as living with several of his children, but wife Susan is not listed. Where was Susan? She died later than Nathan, as he died in 1870 and she died in 1885. They share a big double tombstone and are buried in the Worley cemetery located on Big Pine Creek, Madison Co, N.C. 

Note: Nathan Worley's first wife died after the 1820 census was taken. The1830 census shows that the second wife, Susan, was much younger. 

The following are the children of Nathan and his first wife: 
1. James Worley, b. ca 1800, Buncombe Co, NC. MARR. Edith Jones. Had issue. 
2. female - name unknown. 
3. Catherine Worley, b. 1806, Bunc. Co, N.C. Married Allen Jones, son of Ebed and Mary (Wells) Jones. 
4. Francis Worley (2nd) b. ca 1808 Bunc. Co, NC. Married Kizzah (?). 
5. Priscilla Worley, b. 1809, Bunc. Co, NC. Married Jesse J. Reeves. Had issue, James Marion Worley Sr.; moved to Cherryville, MO. 
6. Annice (Annie), b. ca 1810, Bunc. Co, NC. Married James Berry Boyd in 1829. 
7. Nathan Worley, b. ca 1816. No further information. 
8. Andrew Irvin Worley, b. 1819, Bunc. Co, NC. Married Cynthia Clark of Haywood Co.