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Restoring the Exterior

This is a picture of the home as it looked from the front after we bought it in March, 2001.

This is a "stitched" photo showing the northeast face of the house. Note the intricate gable ornament, one of four of the original unique ornaments still relatively intact. A fifth gable ornament originally located at the front of the house is missing and will be rebuilt. The small single story section with porch at right is believed to be an existing structure built between 1860 and 1890. The main two story house was added in 1892.

This is a picture of the home as it looked in the Real Estate Listing The front of the house decorated for Christmas.

The back of the house showing the small back porch with original intact scroll work. Note the rear gable ornament that is somewhat different in design from the other three. A view from the rear south face of the house. Notice the foundation underneath the older portion of the house at left contains different rock and mortar content than that of the remainder of the house.

Here we are standing on the front porch with the dogs. Little did we know at the time, the tree at the left of the screen was dead and needed to be felled. During a major rainfall soon after we bought the house, the tree broke suddenly at the roots. Fortunately for the house and the car, the massive white oak fell to the northeast damaging only the power lines which were restored soon thereafter.

Here is part of the northeast face after the loose old paint has been scraped. We finally finished priming the entire exterior. We will give it a full coat of paint next year.

Here is a photo of me standing on the peak of the roof repairing the topside of the chimney.  We lined the chimney for use with our wood stove with this 30 foot flexible steel chimney liner. It was a lot of work making it fit down the narrow curved flue.