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Plaster Repair
Restoring the Plaster Walls

Plaster work can be messy and looks hideous until the very end. 

Photo seen from the dining room the previous owners ripped down the wall opening between the kitchen and dining room.

This a view from the kitchen into the dining room of the same removed wall. The area was approximately 120 square feet.

After framing the space with old 2x4 timbers, I cut and renailed lath to the studs. I also installed a horizontal stud at the top for hanging a heavy picture frame. The portion of the wall to the left of the repair into the corner was drywall which I ripped down to put up new plaster.

This is a view from the kitchen to the back of the wall. Notice the plaster smeared through the lath or "keys." Another view with the lath carried all the way to the top of the wall. This side will be done later.

After the first layer of scratch coat. The plaster on the floor actually cleaned up fairly easily. This is a better shot of the drywall on the left that was ripped down.  This is the final wall after all three layers of plaster. This lithograph hanging from the wall weighs 110 lbs. hence the horizontal stud installed during framing.